Black Hairstreak (Satyrium pruni)

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I have only ever seen pruni in three places, the first two occasions in central England (in 1998 and 2004), where it is now limited to about 45 sites, and in 2010 in central France. The site in Northamptonshire had good numbers of pruni in 2004 with an emergence earlier than most books suggest. As it is a small and well-known site, it attracts many visitors eager to see pruni.

It does not occur in the southern départements of France, and I have only seen it in France in one location in the Rhône département in 2010 (courtesy of Tim Cowles) when it was generally reclusive high in the trees.


Pruni is superficially quite similar to its Satyrium cousins, perhaps mostly to the White-letter Hairstreak (S. w-album).

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20335 ?

the best photograph I could get, and this was some three metres above the ground, but at least it does show the distinctive continuous wide red marginal band.