A few photographs of other moths taken over the years. Return to home page


They were mostly taken for identification purposes, many in poor light, which explains the poor quality of many of them.


Identifying moths seems to be much harder than butterflies, not only because there are about 10 times as many moths, but also the variability.


The identifications are my best guesses but I am sure at least some of them are wrong. Please feel free to contact me through the contact box with any corrections, especially the last three..


Acontia lucida_Pale Shoulder _Var_18Jun17_43458 Aglia tau_Tau Emperor_Doubs_16Jun13_32860 Anania funebris_White-spotted Sable_Savoie_10Jul20_47204 Catocala conversa_(no English name)_Var_18Jun17_43462
Colostygia turbata_(no English name)_Hautes-Pyrénées_6Jul20_46301 Cydalima perspectalis_Box Tree Moth_Var_18Jun17_43451 Cydalima perspectalis_Box Tree Moth_Var_18Jun17_43548 Dendrolimus pini_Pine Lappet_Var_24Jun19_46105
Euplagia quadripunctaria_Jersey Tiger_Côte-d'Or_27Jul21_48835 Eurrhypis pollinalis_(no English name)_Var_22Apr19_45949 Hoplodrina octogenaria_The Uncertain _Var_24Jun19_46083 Idaea aversata_Riband Wave _Var_18Jun17_43448
Idaea ostrinaria_Coral-bordered Wave_Var_24Jun19_46112 Idaea politaria_Dusky-bordered Wave_Var_18Jun17_43429 Idaea serpentata_Ochraceous Wave _Var_24Jun19_46082 Lithosia quadra_Four-spotted Footman _Var_24Jun19_46092
Malacosoma castrensis_Ground Lackey _Var_18Jun17_43476 Menophra abruptaria _Waved Umber _Var_24Jun19_46119 Minucia lunaris_Lunar Double-stripe _Var_26may07_5841 Noctua janthe_Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing _Var_24Jun19_46120
Pennithera fermata_Pine Carpet _Var_18Jun17_43456 Peribatodes perversaria _(no English name)_Var_24Jun19_46109 Phragmatobia fuliginosa_Ruby Tiger_Var_18Jun17_43483 Platyptilia gonodactyla_Triangle Plume _Var_18Jun17_43461
Pyrausta nigrata_(no English name)_Savoie_8Jul20_47077 Scopula incanata_Pale Mullein Wave_Var_18Jun17_43441 Scotopteryx mucronata_Lead Belle_Var_6May13_32038 Siona lineata_Black-veined Moth _Côte-d'Or_2Jun17_43150
Tyta luctuosa_Four-Spotted_Var_18Jun17_43480 Uresiphita reversalis_Genista Broom Moth_Var_18Jun17_43463 Watsonalla uncinula_Spiny Hook-tip_Var_18Jun17_43436 (??)__Var_18Jun17_43423
(??)__Var_18Jun17_43446 (??)__Var_24Jun19_46114