Zygaenidae (English name: Burnets)

From 2020 I have started to take an interest in the Zygaenidae family of Burnets, taking a photograph of each one for identification purposes.

They are moths rather than butterflies, but they receive a great deal of interest from French lepidopterists and are included in many Atlases - with excellent coverage in the CEN-PACA Atlas (https://naturographe-editions.fr/boutique/atlas-des-papillons-de-jour-et-zygenes)

Some have English names, but most do not. There are a number of species in this family, but I have started with the "classic" Burnets. Others will follow in due course.

I find them remarkably difficult to identify, despite the fact that there are limited numbers of them, and I am hope hopeful rather than confident that they are correctly identified.

I am indebted to Philippe Bricaire's excellent visual identification key: https://www.fleetingwonders.com/burnet-identification-key.php

Zygaena lonicerae_Hautes-Alpes_Alt 1960m_13Jul20_47330 Zygaena lonicerae_Hautes-Alpes_Alt 1960m_13Jul20_47333 Zygaena lonicerae_Hautes-Alpes_Alt 1960m_13Jul20_47336 Zygaena filipendulae_Hautes-Alpes_Alt 1960m_13Jul20_47339
Zygaena exulans_Alpes-Maritimes_Alt 2300m_16Jul20_47411 Zygaena lonicerae_Alpes-Maritimes_Alt 1900m_17Jul20_47432 Zygaena lonicerae_Alpes-Maritimes_Alt 1550m_19Jul20_47487 Zygaena lonicerae_Alpes-Maritimes_Alt 1550m_19Jul20_47502
Zygaena lonicerae_Hautes-Alpes_Alt 1250m_21Jul20_47557 Zygaena purpuralis_Hautes-Pyrénées_Alt 1600m_8Jul21_48230 Zygaena viciae_Ariège_Alt 1930m_11Jul21_48315 Zygaena viciae_Pyrénées-Orientales_Alt 1360m_12Jul21_48410
Zygaena occitanica_Var_Alt 810m_20Jun22_49396 Syntomis phegea_Alpes-Maritimes_Alt 1550m_3Jul22_49568 (actually not a Zygaena species) Zygaena erythrus_Hautes-Alpes_Alt 1410m_8Jul33_49690 Zygaena fausta_Var_Alt 780m_31Aug22_50456
Zygaena exulans_Alpes-Maritimes_Alt 2480m_3Jul22_49588 Zygaena transalpina_Savoie_Alt 2090m_6Jul22_49643