Alpine Grayling (Oeneis glacialis)

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2017 photographs highlighted in yellow. Click on any photograph to go to an enlarged picture, or simply scroll down the page.

31180_female_Valais, Switzerland_12Jul12

A butterfly of the high altitudes, with a fairly early flight period. It is the only species of grayling to occur at high altitudes, so impossible to confuse with any of its Hipparchia cousins, although if the forewing is not visible (and it never settles with open wings) it is superficially similar to one or two of the Erebia ringlets, principally the Marbled Ringlet (Erebia montana).





alt. m



a female, based on size, wing shape, markings and the fact that it appeared to be at the end of the flight period. However, this is the only glacialis I have ever seen, so this is based on a very limited perspective.



31180_female_Valais, Switzerland_12Jul12