Asian Fritillary (Euphydryas intermedia)

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A rather rare and localised species that occurs in France only in the northern regions of the French Alpes. It is equally localised in the other parts of its European range in Switzerland and Austria, although its distribution extends into eastern Asia (hence the name). It has a relatively early flight period for a high altitude (1600-2100m) species, hence the condition of the only one I have seen so far.

It is rather similar to its lowland cousin, the Scarce Fritillary (E. maturna), although their biotopes are very different and their ranges do not overlap.

The subspecies that occurs in the Alpes is wolfensbergeri.

ref sex


alt. m
41757 F a female, very much at the end of its flight period, but it is the first time I had seen this species, so a life-tick is to be cherished. I hope to revisit the location earlier in July at some point in the future in the hope of seeing them fresh(er). 1930