Silky ringlet (Erebia gorge)

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2016 photographs highlighted in green. Click on any photograph to go to an enlarged picture, or simply scroll down the page.

13247_male_Valais, Switzerland_19Jul08 13254_male_Valais, Switzerland_19Jul08

A very variable high-altitude Erebia species, with several distinctive but very different forms. I only saw gorge once in 2007, then a life-tick, but there were many more at the same site in 2008. However, according to T&L, the nominate form occurs in southern Switzerland, where both of the above were seen, and this has twin small upf ocelli, whereas 13312 has only one.

The subspecies erynis has no ocelli but occurs (according to T&L) in the French Alpes. However, this species is highly variable, so no real conclusions can be drawn from a limited example.
ref sex


alt. m
13247 M

a male, with a single ocellus and a dark appearance, although brassy at the margins.

13254 M

a male underside, highly variegated making for good camouflage. The photograph looks out of focus, but isn't.



13247_male_Valais, Switzerland_19Jul08


13254_male_Valais, Switzerland_19Jul08