Short-tailed Blue (Cupido argiades)

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2016 photographs highlighted in green. Click on any photograph to go to an enlarged picture, or simply scroll down the page.

34206_male_Lot-et-Garonne_30Aug13 37503_female_Rhône_10Jun15 16160_male_Rhône_14Jun09

Argiades is very similar to the Provençal Short-tailed Blue (C. alcetas), the differences being outlined on the alcetas page.


It seemed to me that a few years ago, argiades was not uncommon especially in western France, although rarely in good numbers, and that alcetas was encountered only occasionally in the south. However, in the last few years, alcetas seems to have become more common and argiades quite uncommon.

Argiades range, according to Lafranchis is virtually the whole of France, but I have never seen it in the south-east départements of Var, the Alpes-Maritimes or the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, hence the absence of any decent photographs.


This species was previously known as Everes argiades.

ref sex


alt. m
34206 M a male, clearly identifiable from alcetas from an upperside view by the width of the borders and the length of the tails. 60
37503 F a rare (for me) sighting of a female, from a trip to the Rhône département, where it is not uncommon. 180
16160 M

a quick snap of this male, showing the quite pronounced orange in the marginal unh lunules in s1c and s2. The other marginal markings are quite pronounced, especially the unf marginal markings.